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Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery

Features of Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine

  • Computerized embroidery only machine
  • Dimensions: 21.3 by 13.7 by 18 inches
  • Weight: 20.7 pounds
  • 5 by 7 inches embroidery field
  • Large LCD display
  • Comes with a USB port for importing designs
  • 136 built in embroidery designs
  • 6 built in lettering fonts
  • 120 frame combinations
  • 200 additional embroidery designs on a CD
  • Brother Embroidery Card Slot to download as much designs as you want from top embroidery websites including
  • Price: $699.99
  • 25 years warranty

Pros of Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine

Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine is a specialized embroidery only machine which comes equipped with virtually every great feature you would expect in a top rated embroidery machine. That is the reason it has won customers’ satisfaction by scoring 4.7 stars out of 5 with its great performance. With a huge embroidery field of 5 by 7 inches, the machine is perfect for convenient completion of big projects. To provide you with lots of options, the machine comes with 136 built in embroidery designs , 6 lettering fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations. Furthermore, you can import any design you like through a USB port provided in the machine. The Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine features the Brother Embroidery Card slot through which you can have access to as much designs as you want from the top most embroidery websites including

One of the greatest features of Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine is that it also allows you to embroider medium size (4 by 4 inches) and small size projects (2.5 by 1 inches) using the two extra embroidery hoops that the machine is equipped with and that too without having to stop the already running project. You can run two projects side by side. The large 14 by 2.7 inches LCD touch screen is easy to use and you can watch built in tutorials on it. The built in memory allows you to save your favorite designs for later use. It is also equipped with automatic needle threader and thread trimmer.


Since the Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine is specialized for embroidery only, it cannot be used as a regular sewing machine, unlike many other machines which offer both these functions.


If you are looking for a specialized machine that does the embroidery at the best, then you would have guessed from our Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only Machine Review, that this machine is your best pick. Equipped with each and every great feature you expect from the well reputed Brother Company, this machine really makes embroidering a fun activity.

A New Funiture Corner Sofa Will Improve Your Home

You want to go shopping for furniture, but you have a problem. Your family room is used by everybody, and is always full of both family and friends. You love to entertain. But, you have limited space and don’t know how to fit more furniture into a room that already feels crowded. The right furniture is going to fix all that. Have you considered buy a corner sectional sofa?

You will have to choose the height of the back and arms, how firm or soft you want it to be, what fabrics to use, and what uses you intend for your corner sofa bed 2015. Does the family use it to watch sports? Do you like to read on the sofa? Do you prefer to lay down and prop your head on the arm? You don’t want that arm to be too high then! Would you prefer to have a footrest that pops out so that you can watch television or read sitting up? Do you want a section that holds a plate and a glass for eating while you watch TV?

Is there a person with a bad back that requires a firm seat and a straight back rest? One who has difficulty sitting and standing without a good high arm for support? Or are there a bunch of young kids that want to sink into luxurious softness amid a bunch of throw pillows?

If you have people that enjoy staying overnight and you have limited room, that corner sofa can house a sleeper. If you like to rock, there are sections that can be added that do just that. And many of them have storage areas for a book, your glasses, and the television remote!

You can purchase a corner sofa that is fused (all in one piece), but I don’t recommend that unless you know it will never be moved to another area, and if you have straight line access and a wide doorway to carry it through. It is much easier to bring your sofa into the room one section at a time. And you get the additional benefit of being able to separate sections, pull one over to make a grouping when you need more seating in another area, or change the room around!

Here are a few tips for making your purchase exactly what you needed:

Measure your space carefully before ordering. If it is a borderline situation, order one less section (a middle one), see how comfortable the fit is in the room, and then order another middle piece if you have room for it.

If you are including a sleeper in the corner sofa, make sure you have ample room to open it and still get around in the room.

To make the sectional corner sofa more flexible, don’t get a combination of two double seats or two triples. Better to get a triple and a double, or a single and a double, and so on.

There are all kinds of fabrics that you will have to choose from. Synthetic and natural leather, and fabrics should be carefully considered for their cost, wearability, and ease of maintaining.

Must buy dehumidifier for your house

When it comes to choosing the best dehumidifier for your purpose it usually depends on the amount of water the unit will pull from the air. Now there are dehumidifiers for all size spaces and different types like portable, industrial, desiccant dehumidifier etc. If you have a smaller to medium space then the right fit for you might be the Frigidaire FAD251NTD.

Frigidaire FAD251NTD

This Frigidaire model will remove 25 pints of moisture from the air everyday. The unit is ideal for small to medium size spaces. The Frigidaire FAD models are highly recommended by dehumidifier owners and this newer offering from the company seems like no exception. Check the reviews and you will see that it’s a great unit.

How To Use The Frigidaire FAD251NTD

The dehumidifier has an adjustable humidistat dial, making it easy to set your desired humidity. Once you have made you humidity selection the unit will turn on and off automatically as needed to keep your room to your preferred level.In order to maintain your settings the fan will occasionally turn on to test the air.It is very energy efficient dehumidifier and has a automatic defrost feature that keeps the dehumidifier from freezing up in low temperatures.

Water Collection and Maintenance

The Frigidaire FAD251NTD is a small unit and one of the most time consuming activities can be emptying the water container.The dehumidifier can remove 25 pints of water a day the container can only hold 8.5 pints at one time.However using the continuous drainage system into a sink or sump pump drain will alleviate this issue. In the first 24 hours if the unit is left running, it will be a good idea to empty the bucket several times.

Compact and Efficient

The weight of the Frigidaire FAD251NTD is only 29lbs. This puts it in the compact appliance category. It can be easily moved from room to room with the built in handles and the caster wheels make it effortless for household maneuverability. The air filter will require cleaning with just soap and water.Standard cleaning of the water container is also recommended. The Frigidaire FAD251NTD is just very easy to maintain period.

Frigidaire FAD251NTD Customer Reviews

I searched reviews online for several days before buying this dehumidifier. I live in an extremely high humidity area, especially in the winter time. (lots of rain) and I am allergic to mold, So really needed a humidifier that can continue to run in colder temps. I am not disappointed. I call this a “moisture sucking dynamo”.

I bought this dehumidifier to help combat a mold problem in my house, and it’s doing a great job of pulling moisture out of the air. It’s got a big tank, and I have to change it at least once a day (that may say more about the insulation of my house than the dehumidifier, but the point is, it works!). It’s also very easy to empty, and there was no set-up or assembly required.

In winters you need to maintain proper levels of humidity. For this you need a best rated humidifier.

Hair Loss-FAQ For Bariatric And Gastric Bypass Sufferer

Those of you who are suffering from bariatric or gastric bypass must be losing great amount of hairs. And no one likes hair loss as it makes one look bit odd and not so good looking.

Because of hair loss, one too starts feeling stressed and starts experimenting on hairs which cause more hair loss and more stress. So do not stress your scalp and avoid hair loss.

It is common known fact that one of the most stressing side effects of bariatric and gastric bypass surgery is that it results in some hair loss and weight loss speedily.

You must have heard that patients would lose hairs but not become bald at least. But being half bald then full bald is even more stressing. Need to take care of your scalp with some of the best hair steamers.

Don’t Panic!!!

Below are some answers to some of your questions that often come in your mind:

Q: Why do we lose some hair?

A: when you were pre-op person, you used to have in-take of 3000 to 5000 calories in single day. But after the surgery, calorie in-take automatically drops to 300 to 600 calorie in a day.

Obviously when calorie in-take reduces from such a large margin, body gets activated in emergency mode as it gets signals that something is definitely going terrible causing this much.

So now body concentrates only on one thing that is supporting important organs to maintain life. Hairs have never in life sustaining category and so body stops sending nutrients and enough diet to maintain hairs and focuses more on other organs.

Q: When does hair loss begin?

A: usually it starts on one month after surgery and last till around six months after surgery. This can also be in between of third month and last for more than six months. Time period varies from person to person i.e. each month has different time periods.

Q: How much hair is lost?

A: you might have heard this funny thing that hair loss is so much that cat can be built from lost hairs. This silly something can give you more stress but don’t worry, this is not true. These are things that become popular stressing people.

After surgery, you would start noticing hairs on hands while showering, on pillow, in comb or hair brush. But this is nothing to be worried about. Hair fall will stop falling eventually once body comes back on routine and feels healthy.

Once body starts feeling good again, it will start sending nutrients again to hairs. So what you need to do till then is be patient and believe that it will stop soon. Till then keep yourself health and take healthy foods.

Following are some guidelines to prevent more hair loss:

  • Do not wear a hat, scarf, head bands, tight barrettes, ponytail, or anything that will pull follicles of your hair. Pulling and pushing hairs when already weaken attracts more hairs to fall. So neglect from wearing these items at least for six months after surgery.
  • Do not use hairdryers, curling irons,hair straighteners and hot rollers as these appliances are hot enough to cause more hair loss. Instead use fan to dry your hairs and jells of good quality and brand for curls. Sprays can work too.

It is also okay to die your hairs cautiously rather than every six weeks. Usually six weeks is the period to die hairs so now go for eight weeks time period. Concern your hair dresser for more tips and guidelines.

  • Go for new hair styles. If you are fat then you would definitely do almost everything to keep your hairs in best position so that hairs could divert attention from extra weight. Now when you already are losing hairs, attention is drawing again on your weight.

So to distract this extra attention, now is the perfect time to try new hair styles. Long tresses are heavy to carry and pull all follicles back and downwards.

So it’s better to try shorter styles that would keep your hairs more on head. Just like you do experiments with your looks; it is not bad idea to do some experiment with your hairs especially when this experiment can work in your favor.

  • Go for hair product NIOXIN. This product can be found out in beauty salons. Cancer patients need to follow three important steps while using the product. If followed correctly, more hairs will be prevented from falling. The product used correctly strengthens the follicles. You can read testimonials on the product and this product for sure works as a hair saver.
  • Most important thing to do is to remember that hair fall is temporarily and it will stop eventually.Keep encouraging yourself that its okay, this change is for some time and in few days your hairs will be back to normal. Some people have experienced that their hairs soon became healthy and even healthier than ever.

Your hair’s texture can change too. This change can sound interesting as some of you might have straight hairs and have always wanted curly hairs; some of you might have curly hairs and have always wanted wavy or straight hairs.

  • Next important point to remember is don’t take stress. As mentioned above stress weakens your brain which has direct link with hair roots and the more the stress, the more the hair fall. Do lots of oiling as it too nourishes hairs. Avoid using all the brands available in the market.


In the meantime what you need to do is take very special care of your hairs. Give extra attention to them, pamper them, and do whatever you can to relax your head as head is directly linked to hairs.

Be certain that you will get out of this phase very soon. Now a days, fashion has improved so much and has introduced so many nicer hairstyles. So you can select one of hairs styles that would suit you and give you fresher and attractive look. Just relax and let time do its job.